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Easy to get started with Avanzo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Avanzo is a real estate company to make real estate accessible to all people despite their financial levels as you can own, invest,  store value, and get an actual return in your own crypto wallet.

Avanzo will get all the available offers listed to the investor and investors will choose accordingly, it is good to see that all the power is in the investors’ hands as they will decide which property to invest in.

Avanzo is planning to get an App so that investors will manage all their investments accordingly. You basically can buy, own, invest, and get a return on your investments from your mobile phone.

You can join our Telegram group there will be a lovely community ready to help and the team is there 24/7

However, if you have a proposal or any other concerns you can contact the team directly at support@avanzo.io

When the App gets released there will be 24/7 live support in the App 

How to Choose your Investment & control it?

Avanzo uses DAO so that investors can decide which property to invest in, or if they want to sell the property and get their initial investments, the order will always be executed if the votes are more than 50% 

Yes, Avanzo has blockchain developers as the smart contracts are the way to get the investment returns distributed to the investors’ wallets accordingly, or get their initial investments if the investors decide to sell the property, and so much more.

The DAO voting to sell a specific property will be limited to the investors.
Only wallets that have invested in that property can vote to sell it or not, and the selling process will begin when the votes end more than 50%

All the transaction is on the blockchain, your wallet address and your signature are on the blockchain if you have invested in part of the property that means there is un-hackable proof that you own part of the property.

Do you have any Question?

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