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The Most Complete Investing Solution in your Hand

All Financial needs in one place
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Solution in One Application

Invest, Control, Earn, Spend, …Etc.


Partnered with a top App development company to deliver the highest security possible to our investors

Easy, Safe & Convenient

Investing into real estate has never been easier controlling your investments easy and secure with our built wallet with special recovery keys

Anywhere, Anytime

Built on App gives you the flexibility to monitor and keep track of your funds and investments any time, everywhere

How can Avanzo help?

Every investment pool is tied to real tangible assets giving a store of value to your investments and generating annual income paid to you the way you decide

Store of value

providing you a solution to protect your crypto investment with real estate


App built with multiple layers of protection


Vote and shape your investing future with other investors sharing the same real estate with you


annual returns from your invested real estate paid to you with crypto or fiat you decide!


offering paying option in the app to pay for your goods from your profits, full financial needs


your wallet your keys recover your wallet with your keys

Investing should be open and reachable to every person in the globe with easy, secure, fast solutions with full control ” your money your control”

Azzouz M.Azzouz

Founder & CEO

Experience Our Innovative NFT System Leveraging It's True Potentials

The Most Complete Real Estate Investing Solution in your Hands